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Review: Easy Acc Mount, iPad Air 2 Case, and Power Bank


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Sep 23, 2014
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iPadforums.net was sent 2 device accessories for free to give honest reviews. We will be hosting a contest (in a different thread) and the winner will receive these products.

The company Easy Acc sent us a mount, a case for the iPad Air 2, and a portable power bank. What follows are my thoughts.

Easy Acc Multi-Angle Lazy Mount


The first thing that struck me about this mount was its size. It’s officially over 14” long, but keep in mind that you’ll probably be bending the long arm a few different ways. I felt most comfortable when there was about one foot from my device (in this case, an iPad Mini) to the base clamp. The arm feels VERY sturdy and will keep your device in the same place while you use it. There is some minor wobbling when you use it, and I’d probably advise against trying to mount this in your car, as it would be wobbling constantly as you drive.

The clamp is also very sturdy. I have it clamped to my desk at work, and I haven’t given the sturdiness of the clamp a second thought. It does seem to be targeted to more permanent clamping than portability. You can of course clamp and unclamp it, but it’s certainly not done quickly. It takes me about 10 seconds to remove the clamp, and 15 to reinstall it.

The bracket felt nice and sturdy, but I noticed a very minor slippage downwards when the the iPad was vertical and the bracket was holding it on the 2 sides. I did not have this issue when I put my iPhone in the bracket, so I’m assuming one of 2 things: the strength of the springs in the bracket weaken a bit when stretched out; or the weight of the iPad Mini is a little much for the bracket. That being said, you can easily correct for this by adjusting the angle of the arm or by rotating the iPad so that it is supported on the top and bottom, rather than on the sides. That’s the other cool thing about the bracket: it easily rotates 360 degrees, so when you want to view that YouTube video in full screen, there is no difficulty.

I’ll also comment on the aesthetics. The white and grey (there is also a black and red option) really compliments the Apple-ness of my devices, and I’d bet Android users might prefer the other option.

I imagine that many people will find this mount perfect for watching videos or reading an ebook. It works best when you don’t have to touch it. Lying in bed without having to hold your iPad up is actually really cool. Also, reading articles while on the toilet is much easier as well ;)

For more information, specs, photos and more, visit the developer’s website:

EasyAcc Multi-Angle Lazy Mount - EasyAcc

EasyAcc 2nd Gen. Brilliant 10000mAh Power Bank


This power bank looks sleek (the one I was sent was black and orange), and is slim and small enough that it will fit easily in your pocket, purse, or life, without too much notice. It's a little heavy, although that much can be expected from a device with this kind of power.

The charger can detect which device you have connected to it, and so appropriately adjusts its output to charge your device quickly and efficiently. It has 2 USB ports, so it can charge 2 devices at the same time.

It's also capable of charging the new MacBook as well, which is quite impressive to me.

Conveniently, it recognizes when there is nothing connected to it and shuts off to preserve battery life.

At full capacity, the power bank claims to be able to give the iPhone 6 a charge 3.5 times, 2.5 for the Samsung S6, and 1 full charge for the iPad Mini 3.

It also come with a small LED flashlight, which I’m sure can be convenient every once in a while.

It comes with a micro USB converter as well.

This is probably the most useful product I was sent, and I can see myself using this very often.

For more information, specs, photos and more, visit the developer’s website:

EasyAcc 2nd Gen. Brilliant 10000mAh Power Bank - EasyAcc

EasyAcc Reversible iPad Air 2 Smart Case


This case is leather and seems very durable. The case IS reversible, but I never felt the need to use the reverse side. The physical bend in the case clearly favors one side, so if you want to use the reverse (in this case, the black side), you’ll probably have to break it in a bit.

Using it as a stand to prop your iPad Air 2 up is easy, and you have 2 different angles you can use.

Where the iPad would clip into, the back protection, is also strong and durable and looks like it could withstand some aggressive handling.

All in all, this is a quality product that I’d recommend to anyone, assuming you like the design, and as long as you’re not paying too much for the reversibility feature.

For more information, specs, photos and more, visit the developer’s website:

EasyAcc Reversible iPad Air 2 Smart Case - EasyAcc
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