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This forum’s links produce tabs behind! Yikes!!


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Mar 9, 2018
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Seems there’s been a change lately whereupon clicking links on this site / forum produces tabs behind the current tab, as opposed to loading the link in the same tab in which the tapped-upon link appeared.

To me, personally, this is crazy-making because it forces the User to go chasing after tabs, rather than having new pages load into the same tab where the link appears.

Plus which, if you’ve clicked on a few links - on this forum - you suddenly have half a dozen tabs open in almost no time at all. More tabs doesn’t equal better user experience. More tabs equals serious tab management.

We have the option already to tap and hold on a link, producing a menu which offers to open in new Tab.

Can we go back to that?

Thank you!


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Tab opening behavior (front or background) can be changed in Settings > Safari, along with a few other behaviors. Sometimes updates, or even glitches, will cause the default behavior to change. Just check and switch it back to what you want.

Sites get to specify a default in how a link opens. Some sites cause links to open in the existing tab. Other sites open the link in a new tab. There seems to be a shift towards opening new tabs over the last few years, ever since sites gained the ability to specify a default behavior for links.

As you noticed, you can override either behavior by holding the link down until you get a list of options.

Some browser have settings to override these defaults. Safari does not. Though with iPadOS 15 Safari gained extensions, and it would not surprise me if there were already one or two that will override tab opening behavior.

As for this site, I have not noticed the behavior you are talking about.

It just occured to me, after typing the above paragraphs, that you never said you were using Safari. If not, digging through the settings of the browser you are using is worth a try. Especially if it's had a recent update.

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