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Think I REALLY screwed up my IPad 1! Help?


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Nov 29, 2012
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So here's the long story: Got an original IPad 1 the first year it came out at Christmas. 16G no wifi. Got ThinkGeeks Bluetooth keyboard case to protect it and have a keyboard to go with. No problems (well had to buy a second case as the power switch off/on broke, no biggie).

Fast forward to about 6 months ago. While getting out of my car, I dropped the whole thing (in case) as it was in my arms with the mail. It landed on the corner where the power off button is. Dented the aluminum frame and it either pressed up against the button so I couldn't turn it off or it broke the button. Either way, it still worked, no cracked screen; just had to plug it into recharge.

This whole time, I've been using the original OS. We really mostly use it with our 5 y.o. for games, Netflick, some book aps and didn't need to use it on ITunes.
Then it started to quit aps after they'd been open for a long time, and then got to the point it wouldn't open a complicated game app for longer than 15 secs.

Reading that I should re-start my IPad (which I can't because of the damaged power button), I decided I may need to take it in to the Apple store and was also reading I should backup my IPad. SO, I finally plugged the IPad into my laptop to update the IPad and back it up, but halfway through it gave me an error message (I didn't write the message/error down). Now the IPad is giving cycling through the Apple icon start up picture then goes to black OR if it's plugged into the laptop it gives me the icon of a USB cord and an arrow pointing to an ITunes icon but ITunes isn't recognizing the IPad.

So, I'm screwed right? Should I just take it in to the Genius guys and not worry I'll lose all my IPad info? It's not under warrenty anymore either. We have a local indy IPad repair store but the don't deal in IPad 1s and mostly deal with cracked screens.

Whew. - Cherie

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