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The Apple iPad is HERE!


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Jan 17, 2010
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Apple has just updated their website showing the iPad is now available with a buy now button! Apple stores on the east coast are now open and the lucky ones that braved the lines should now be getting their first glimpse at the new device that is expected to change the way of tablet computing.

Don't forget we are giving away four iPad cases to the first members that post a pic here: http://www.ipadforums.net/apple-ipad-news/1016-ipadforums-net-ipad-wi-fi-case-contest.html

If you still in line, or waiting by the door for the UPS truck to arrive, have a look at these apps designed especially for the iPad:


The Elements

Discover the 118 elements of the Periodic Table up close on the large iPad screen. Flick to rotate 360 degrees and inspect each one. Then read the element’s story. You’ll learn its origins, how it was discovered, and its significance in the universe. You can even see it all in 3D using 3D glasses (sold separately). The Elements features a live connection to the Wolfram | Alpha computational search engine. So you’ll have the latest data at hand. Visit The Elements on the App Store

Real Racing HD

Get behind the wheel and tear through forests, seaside circuits, and burning deserts with Real Racing HD on iPad. You’ll see every detail in HD on the large iPad display. iPad technology is responsive and precise, which makes your car easy to control. Tilt to steer with the accelerometer or put your finger to the metal with Multi-Touch technology. Race in 5 different game modes as you work your way from rookie to world champion. And challenge friends and players from all over the world. Visit Real Racing HD on the App Store

Marvel Comics

Now that you can read Marvel titles on iPad, comics will never be the same. Colors and art look so astonishing on the iPad display, you’ll feel like you’re part of the action. Pinch to zoom in and out of each page to view text and art. Tap thumbnails to navigate through pages. iPad can even lead you through each panel as the adventure unfolds. And you can buy comics right on iPad. Browse hundreds of comics by series. Preview a comic before you buy, then download single issues or the entire series. You can even order a print version to bag and board for your collection. Visit Marvel Comics on the App Store

The Wall Street Journal

Read the Wall Street Journal on iPad and soak up news from around the globe, everywhere you go. In-depth analysis, real-time quotes, video, and WSJ Radio — all your favorite sections of the Journal are here — and they’re even better on iPad. The large display shows you an entire page of award-winning news. Turn iPad horizontally to see two pages at once. You can even customize this app to get only the news you want, when you want it. Visit the Wall Street Journal on the App Store


Find your new signature dish with Epicurious for iPad. This app makes it easy to search more than 25,000 recipes. Type exactly what you’re craving or type an ingredient to find some inspiration. When you find the recipe (or two or three) you want to make, Epicurious combines them all to create one shopping list. And a handy marker makes it easy to follow the recipe as you cook. Visit Epicurious on the App Store
At Bat 2010

Take yourself out to the ballgame. The At Bat 2010 app lets you keep up with your favorite teams in real time on game day. Watch live streaming games on the large iPad screen and listen to pitch-by-pitch audio — even when you’re in a different app. View in-game video highlights and watch the condensed game after it’s over. And easily search for information about your all-time favorite players, teams, and games. Visit At Bat 2010 on the App Store

E*TRADE Mobile Pro

Keep an eye on your investments, stay on top of the news, and get real-time quotes with E*TRADE on iPad. The large screen makes it easy to see everything you need to know about your portfolio. And you can trade with a tap from anywhere. E*TRADE on iPad makes it easier to manage your money on the go. Visit E*TRADE Mobile Pro on the App Store

Asphalt 5

Fasten your seatbelt for a racing experience designed just for iPad. Speed through Paris in a Ferrari. Or Las Vegas in a Lamborghini. Choose from 30 of the fastest cars and 12 of the most amazing cities in the world. Customize the game interface for your driving style — put the brake, boost, and steering wheel wherever you want on the iPad screen. Tap, touch, or tilt your iPad to control your car using Multi-Touch technology, the accelerometer, or the virtual steering wheel. Speed over snow, through mud, and across pavement. You’ll see every detail with HD graphics optimized for iPad. Challenge yourself to eight different racing events. Or race against six of your friends in real time. Visit Asphalt 5 on the App Store


It’s the same board you know and love on the big iPad screen. But with iPad technology, SCRABBLE becomes a whole new game. Shake to shuffle tiles. Touch to zoom in and out on the board. And drag and drop to lay down letters. All you have to do is put words together — and iPad even helps you do that by giving you a hint for the best word. Play the way you want with customizable game rules and multiple difficulty levels. And follow your progress with game and score stats tracking. Visit SCRABBLE on the App Store

F1â„¢ 2010

It’s the Grand Prix of apps. With F1™ 2010 for iPad, you can be at the racetrack anytime. This app brings you live timing and track positioning for all 2010 sessions. Watch live positions on the track through a dynamic 3D map. Even pick your favorite car and driver and follow their progress. Tap to replay any session at any time. Pinch to zoom in on the action or pull back to see the whole field. Keep an eye on the time with full timing data including sectors and gaps. Hear live lap-by-lap commentary. And after the race, see the results, get news for the 2010 Season, and access information and history on all drivers, teams, and tracks. Visit F1™ 2010 on the App Store

Labyrinth 2 HD

Let the addiction begin. iPad brings you even more quality Labyrinth time. Its Multi-Touch technology and accelerometer are incredibly responsive and precise, so you have better control of the ball. The screen is bigger, too, so there’s more room to roam. The games are more intricate, which makes them more challenging. And the high-definition screen brings you even better graphics. So tilting and turning to avoid the dreaded drop is now more fun on iPad. Visit Labyrinth 2 HD on the App Store

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