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Technically Challenged


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May 9, 2010
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Fountain vly ca
I began in the computer field in 1961 as a programmer. Now retired, I enjoy the world of internet et al. However, my wife is technically challenged & has needed much "hand-holding" to utilize the PC/web.

I got her her first computer, the iPad. This is just the ticket for her. There's still a learning curve but she's really into it. My "hat's off" to Steve Jobs & his capable crew.

I appreciate your blog & follow the News section avidly.

Denny :)
Also I'm not sure if you know but the local apple stores also have free iPad training workshops for beginners that is about an hour long.

you can sign up for one here: http://www.apple.com/retail/workshops/

I would call myself and advanced Mac/PC/iPhone/iPad user and I still went and sat in on the free introduction to iPad workshop. If your an advanced user you may know a lot of it already but there are alway still one or two things you can learn like a few features that apple doesnt publicly tell everyone yet the apple employees giving the training know about.

An example of something I had no I dea about was the fact that when typing with the keyboard you can hold your finger on certain letters like A,E,I,O,U, and after a few seconds it will pull up a menu that lets you add accents to the letters.
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Denny, I am having the same problem with my better-half,she knew how to play solitaire on my laptop but that was as far as she got into the computer world. I let her play with my Ipad and now she is a expert???and wants me to buy her one,since she only likes it for the games I see a 16Gig in the crystal ball for her 75th birthday.

Non-techie wife's favorite - Photo Card

My wife's all-time favorite App is Photo Card. It's the most comprehensive App I've seen. There's a free version out there for trial. With it you can send an e-Post Card with the following (Photo of your choosing, font of your choosing, stickers, specialized stamps, emoticons & most interesting [if one desires] a verbal msg).

Now my question to you, Al, is: "how far away is your wife's 75th?"

Thanks for your note,

Denny :)
It will be in October,she is content to play with her Ipod I gave her for Mothers day for now,plus grabbing my Ipad every now and then. What did you think it was 50 years from now and I was cheep and holding out on her,not after 53 years of togetherness.


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