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switching itself off


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Jan 27, 2012
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my ipad2 works fine - but i have found that after i use it for a long while, it is switching itself off whenever i physically move or tilt the ipad...

a better description is - it switches off (screen goes blank) and then back on again - giving me the screen to put in my password???

this only happens when i move the device.......

is it caused by the gyro (so to speak),
or the battery being low (and the gyro is trying to draw too much power - battery was at 37%),
or just using the device for too long.

also, is this normal, or does it need to go in under warranty (we only got it in January) ????? (this is the main question i need to ask)
i took a video of what is happening, because if i send it in - it probably wont happen for the repair guy :) (murphy's law) which i will post on youtube..

is this a common fault with the ipad2 ??

thanks for your help
The iPad smart cover uses magnets to lock the screen. Actually, any magnet that comes in contact with the sensors will do the same. The sensors are along the side with the volume switch. Is it possible that you are putting the iPad near a magnet when you shift it? Some people wear magnet bracelets and have found those can lock the screen.
yah, i now have a cover for it, and it has some weak magnets in...... (i wanted a cover with no magnets in, but didn't realise when i bought it.....

getting back to the point..... it is not stored next to any magnets, (except the cover) and no magnets come close to it..... also, if i take it out of the cover, it still happens??

the switching itself off and on, started happening before i got the cover (so i don't think the cover is the problem)

i contacted apple (i have phone technical support available) - and they said it wasn't meant to happen,,,, tech support got me to reset the ipad (to see if it is a software problem),,,, but failing that, i have to send it in....

thanks for the hint on the magnets, i really wanted to make sure it wasn't something i was doing, before i contacted tech support.

i really appreciate it
sorry it is a late reply

tech support says it is weird, but obviously a fault.... had to send it in for repairs

thanks for your help

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