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Supercam App


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Jun 4, 2013
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I received a update for my supercam app on my IPhone 4S. Before accepting the update, I read the details and no where in it, did it state not adaptable for 4S phones. As you can tell I attempted to update, But when complete, it erased all of my saved cameras. After speaking with my family member she attempted to download the app on her IPhone, but it stated not comparable for IPhone 4S. I use this app for work. Now I can't even see what's going on at the properties I'm conducting investigations at. I attempted to re download the app and it goes to the updated version. That means it isn't adaptable so of corse no help. I lost so much business due to this matter. I will utilize all of my power to make sure no one else downloads any of the super cams apps. Further more I will also look into legal options That might help myself and others who have been effected from this ordeal.
Please feel free to contact me via email.
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Mar 11, 2011
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Cranbrook, Kent, UK
Hi there, I'm sorry to hear of your problems however, it's probably worth saying that we are not affiliated at all with Apple nor are we affiliated with the developers. We are a group of likeminded enthusiasts who come together to chat and help each other. Also, whilst I'm sure our members here will help if they can, we are an iPad forum but you might find better help, more suited to your issues over at our sister site http://www.iphoneforums.net/

That said, we wish you well in getting a resolution.

Oh, and I took the liberty of moving your post to it's own thread as a) it probably wouldn't get noticed where it was and b) thread hijacking is against the forum rules.

The Archangel


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Dec 3, 2011
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Do you have the old version of the app in a backup of your iPone 4S in iTunes on your computer? If you do, you can delete the updated app from your iPhone and sync your iPhone to add the old version.

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