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Help installing uodated apps


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Apr 3, 2012
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Hello all! Maybe this question has been posed, maybe not, BUT for some reason, since the ipad3 came out, I have several apps that needed updated regarding the new retina display, along with other kinks that were smoothed out. I was able to update all my apps NOT related to the new retina display, but other (Netflix, Soundhound, etc.), it will not completely update. I will press on the app, it will say "Waiting" then I would receive a message stating that the download couldn't be completed at this time. Does this have something to do with the iPad 3's retina display? How can I get my apps to function again without going through the update....because they won't go back to there original state once you attempt to update. Help!!
you could try delete the app then re-download. Could also try holding down sleep wake + home until the iPad reboots (a "hard" reset), which has 'caused stalled app downloads to restart for me before.

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