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Statistics Analysis: Which iPAD 3 models are defective


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Jun 20, 2011
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It could be helpful if ppl would post which models they have and whether or not they have issues such as hue, white balance, etc.

Info should include:

Model: (XXGB, 4G/wifi only)

Serial number: (you can provide only the first 5 digits from the left, if you don't want to share the full numer; this will enable decoding factory and manufacturing date)

How many days do you have it working: (to determine if it is something that goes away or not).

Issue: (yellow hue / white balance; etc).


* Before filling your details please check that "auto brightness" turned off; brightness value set to: MAX.

* If you only have partial details from the above, please do share what you do have/want.

* It would sure be useful if you respond when your model works perfectly OK. We hear about a lot of complaints but have no idea about the percentage of the defective models.

In case I missed something or anyone wants to add anything please be my guest. I hope we can learn something out of this, please co-operate!


iPF Novice
Apr 28, 2011
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Why do you ask for people to turn auto-brightness off?

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