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slight scratches on the screen of my iPad?!?! ack!


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Jun 9, 2010
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Okay. I am trying not to turn entirely like Sheldon Cooper, but this is far from easy.

I took my iPad out of the Apple branded case that it had been comfortable in for the last... Well, while, and I decided to use my nice lcd cleansing microfiber cloth before promptly putting it back and away.

Of course as I was doing this, my heart dropped....

Scratches on the supposed scratch proof screen...

I can say that I've let my kids use it here and there, with my supervision, but I have treated this thing like a baby from day 1, so the thought something could have gone wonky.. Yikes.

Has anyone experienced any issues?

I worry, I have babied this thing for weeks and I have scratches, what does this mean for the future of my poor iPad?? :(

Could it be a defect in the glass screen???

Thanks :)

Nick: Get any modern auto 'glaze' that you would use on a decent car. It will fill most light scratches. I use it on my glasses .. and I am tough on my glasses. One go at it ..they're like new.

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I would be very careful about using any cleaning compounds or substances. In the process of helping to fill in or polish scratches, you'll likely damage the oil-resistant covering on the glass.
Auto glaze has a very strong cleaning agent and it will damage the screen protetent. Don't do it !!!
apply a scratch proof screen protector like the ghost armo. You will know the screen wont scratch and if the protector ever gets messed up they will replace it.
I've been looking at the Zagg and may go with them. I'm not thrilled about the "tacky" coating, however. That's my main drawback.

But after 20 days if I'm already getting scratches, what's going to happen over the next few years?

I am terrible, absolutely and completely, at putting screen protectors on. From my PSP to my Touch Pro 2, I've not put one on that there hasn't been an issue with. Whether it's being incorrectly seated or what.

If I get the Zagg, I think I'm going to have to spend the extra money and get Best Buy to install it. But a big concern is the "tacky" feeling of the Zagg... ugh. So frustrating.

Do you think the Zagg will make the slight scratches there unnoticable?

And if there is damage to the Zagg, they completely replace it, correct?
Zagg is a great investment. Letting Best Buy put the screen protector on for $12.99 was the best $13 I ever spent, took him like 5 minutes and it was perfect. Also if you buy the protector there, and have them put it on then all warranty replacements will go through Best Buy and they will place it on again. I did have some scratches on my first Zagg and had to replace it.
The tacky feeling you get used to and after awhile don't even notice, you have a good feeling that it is protected. Also helps with the fingerprint magnet of a screen as they will not show as much.
I wish that was an option here in Canada.

Their sister company up here, Future Shop, does the install, but the total cost for the full body shield is $69.99 and I haven't been able to confirm what would happen if there is a problem with the actual shield itself.

I think if I do get a replacement, I'll go for the shield. But the thought of installing it myself fills me with dread, and the thought of spending someone an extra $30 to install it versus $13 also fills me with dread, especially if something happens and I need to replace the shield.

My only other option would be to get down to the closest Best Buy US location which is over an hour away, not considering border wait times...

This is incredibly frustrating. Either I stick it out and live with scratches, and possible further scratches, or I return it, have to wait until there is a new JB, or downgrade my iTunes and JB there and have to spend $80 to get a shield that, possibly if it's damaged I have to reinstall it on my own...

Or I have to go south to have it installed for cheaper and have to travel down there to replace it if there are any problems.

It amazes me how difficult things have gotten here...
Are you sure you have scratches? Many of us have thought we had scratches, only to find it was an illusion of the background picture. The meteor shower can scare the heck out of you. If you actually have scatches, be very careful about trying anything that could void your warranty.
The screen was off when I noticed them. I removed the background day one.

When I called the Apple Care line, that was one of the first things the tech mentioned to me. I guess they didn't put a ton of thought into what might happen with that background ;)

Anyway, I won't do anything to the screen to "fix" the scratches other than applying a screen protector.

The tech via Apple phone support seemed really surprised about the damage to the screen and strongly encouraged bringing it into the Apple Store to get looked at.

My worry is that they're going to turn down any request for repair/replacement on it...
And the other concern I have about certain protectors is the stain that they can apparently leave from the Apple branded case... =/
Are you sure you have scratches? Many of us have thought we had scratches, only to find it was an illusion of the background picture. The meteor shower can scare the heck out of you. If you actually have scatches, be very careful about trying anything that could void your warranty.

Ohhh Yea !! I remember that.. Scared the hell out of me for a brief moment. :p
Wondered why they used that Meteor Shower background as it always looked crap on the prelaunch videos.
I had my first iPad for about two months until i noticed some light scratches I very disappointed epically since I had a zagg shield and was just reluctant to put it on cause the screen looked like it can handle some time. As soon as I was going to put the zagg shield on it, it dropped, I had dead pixels... But luckily if you have a broken, if you go to apple they will replace it on the spot for a cost slightly above cost build for ipad. I have the 16gb wifi only and it was around 290. The actually have iPad in the back made for this reason. The price goes up for higher models.

For the reson I posted I applied the zagg sheild as soon as I returned home! It's great crystal clear and has the life time warranty. I get to replace whenever I feel like it. Get zagg!

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