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Siri themes


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Nov 3, 2012
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I have a iPad 3 ios 6.1 jail broken...and as I have ios 6, I have Siri. Now I want to theme Siri as its stock interface is very boring. I tried installing KITT THEME, but after installing it using winter board and respringing. All my app icons in the home screen turned white. Then I uninstalled the theme and rebooted. Now everything is ok. But still I can't get to theme Siri. Please someone help me. I think you have got the point, I WANT TO APPLY A THEME TO SIRI.
Thank you....

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All we can suggest is to look in Cydia (or, on the Internet) for a theme that will change your Siri appearance - and that is compatible with your iPad 3 and iOS 6.

As the jail break for iOS 6 is so new, a lot of developers have not had a chance to update their themes for the iPad (or to create them in the first place. All we can do is wait until the themes are updated.

Maybe you can write the developer of the theme you tried to use and see if he or she are going to update the theme for the iPad or iOS 6 (or both)?

Sorry, but that's all I've got.

Themes as in the whole color scheme of the mic and such in general? Or just the backgrounds from Siri.

If you'd like to manually mod the icon, you can root your device to the below directory and change the icon yourself. The mic icon will have to be a 400x300 (pixels) with a 300-dpi (recommended). You'll need Photoshop preferable or a lot of experience in your other tools like Paint.NET maybe.


If you're looking to mod the background itself, the easiest way would be to use Winterboard to execute it rather than to mod the original like the icon. Simply make folders up to the below directory

/var/stash/Themes/<Folder Name>/Bundles/com.apple.springboard/

Then create the wallpaper for both stances of your iPad (when it's portrait and landscape) and save them as a .png file. Execute them using Winterboard and respring.
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