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Security APP ?s


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May 16, 2010
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Metro Detroit

I am looking for a couple types of apps

1) On my Blackberry there is a program Password Keeper. In this program I have to enter my password to get in and then it has it set up with forms for keeping account #'s, passwords etc. Is there anything simple and straight forward like this for the IPad??

2) Is there some sort of simple privacy program I can run which would hide apps if I wanted, keep my bookmarks and browsing history private?

Thank you!
I don't use any, and don't know.... You might try doing a search for "security" on the app store.....

Also try search for password manager, perhaps the same company has a version for the iPhone/iPad .....
1password is quite pricey. Why?
What makes it so good?

I looked at it and am considering it but it is 3x as much as the other options so I'd like to hear why you picked it and all
JYogi said:
1password is quite pricey. Why?
What makes it so good?

I looked at it and am considering it but it is 3x as much as the other options so I'd like to hear why you picked it and all

I have it on my mac pro and laptop it syncs both directions and works well for me.
Thank you!

I am going to do some more research on it in the morning but I think I will end up taking your advice :)
I use 1Password and SplashID simultaneously on my Mac. Both have apps for the iPad (& iPhone) and sync with the desktop client. But I've used SplashID longer and will say I like it better for a couple of key reasons:
- 1Password, while providing a lot of integration on the Mac side with my browser, will often get fields wrong when autosaving a new record (like, it will confuse the sign-up email with the login name and I will have to manually go in to correct the login data when I go back to the site the next time).
- SplashID has more flexibility with being able to define fields globally and on a per-record basis. Naming fields makes the data easier to read later.

1Password gets a huge amount of favorable press but I've found SplashID to be rock-solid, friendly, and flexible. Like I said, I use both but because I always put a new registration into SplashID manually, I know it's accurate whereas 1Password has betrayed me several times and I've had to go back in later and correct some fields that it got wrong.
I use Ascendo Data Vault and it's excellent. I've got an iPad and iPhone so I like that the fact that I didn't have to pay for 2 copies. Syncing through my Mac works like a charm.

I haven't seen anything that will hide apps.

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I use 1Password on my MBP and iPhone - have already purchased 1Password for iPad in advance on my iPad delivery here in Japan next week.. It's the only security program that I will use after a few years looking / testing I settled on 1Password and haven't looked back... Sync'n is a piece of cake...

Don't forget you can password protect indiviual apps in your system preferences on you iPad - no more access to your email, twitter, facebook etc., for the ex-roomate...:D
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I use 1 password and do recommend it, if they were able to plug it into safari like you can on your desktop then it would be great!
Have you looked into Strip for a password manager app? It's totally straightforward and easy to use. People mentioned how convenient it is to sync--and it is!--and Strip just added a free companion tool called Strip Sync which allows you to sync to multiple devices.

If you want to check it out [FONT=&quot]http://getstrip.com/c/forum[/FONT]

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