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Safari Not Printing Images in Reader View


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Dec 17, 2012
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I’m using iOS 15.5 on an iPad Air 4. I use Reader view in Safari a lot when finding crochet patterns - I open print preview & then save to my PDF reader. This eliminates all the advertising & garbage on the page.
Over the last month or so, images don’t show up in print view (or in the PDF when I save it) even though they display normally in Reader. It makes no difference if I’m on the desktop or mobile site.
There’s a barrage of posts online about this problem on Macs, but nothing I can find for mobile devices.
I also can’t find any other way to convert webpages to PDF anymore.
I’m assuming this is an iOS 15 glitch, that probably came with one of the recent updates.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
I'm not familiar with this problem, and I can't think of any obvious ways to fix it beyond the usual ones of powering the iPad off/on, and/or clearing history in Safari. Those may or may not work, depending.

What you might be able to do instead is take a screenshot. Immediately after taking a screenshot when in Safari, open the editor by tapping on the thumbnail that appears at the lower left of the screen. At the top of the editor you should see a Full Page options. Tapping this records the full page of the viewed website instead of just what is on the iPad's display.

From there you can use the Share Sheet to print, save it to a file, or open it in a compatible app. In my experience the saved file results in a PDF instead of an image. This is typically how saving s file works in iOS/iPadOS when there is obvious text content.

If you don't want it in the Photos app, just choose to delete the screenshot when closing the editor. After you've done what else you want with it, of course.

You can also take the oportunity to crop or mark-up the screenshot, if that is useful.

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