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Safari iPad 2 problem

Too Tall

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May 5, 2011
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Hasselt, Belgium
Hi all.

iPad 2 4.3.3. JB.

Wanted to start surfing with Safari. Swiped up to change apps, and couldn't find it. Odd since I'd been using it just a little while before. Relaunch. Swipe up, change to another app, swipe up, no Safari icon...

Went into settings, where I know there's a Safari option (between Mail and iPod). And it's gone! No way to open the Safari options. It works fine, I just have to relaunch it from the icon on the Springboard.

I've been installing a number of apps from Cydia, but nothing at the moment the problems started. I had the Safari remove cache SBSettings extension, and removed that but that doesn't do anything either.

I backed up the iPad, restored to a backup 2 days ago (and I would have noticed it not working, so I'm sure it still worked then), and it still doesn't show.

Any ideas? Any ways to re-install Safari?
EDIT fixed...

I placed a bookmark on my springboard as "safari", it opened a personalised homepage directely. I still had the normal Safari icon on my springboard. I wanted to remove it, so I unchecked it in SBSettings "hide icons". This worked for about 2 weeks. Since 20 minutes ago it failed, and incurred the problem above.

I just unticked the Safari icon in the "hide icon" list, it re-appeared, Safari is back in the settings menu and its back in the switch app bar..
Thanks for letting us know - it's always good to hear when problems have been resolved - even if we were not able to fix it ...:(


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