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Running 4.3.2 and camera is frozen

I've set up an expresslane call with apple. Will post results.
Apple was very prompt with their phone call to me. The agent stated that if I've tried to restore to factory and that didn't work then they will replace the IPad. New one shipping today. (Warranty claim say battery life though. Kind of odd) she also stated it was the first IPad2 she had done a warranty replacement on, and that she had never heard of that problem before. Weather that was lip service or not at least they were good to offer a replacement very promptly.
Had same problem. Several restores and hard reboots didn't work. Then I simply turned FaceTime on and off in Settings and that restored the camera. Crazy.
You may want to upgrade to the current iOs version

4.3.3 and see if that helps.

As of May 6, 2011 (2011 -05-06) the current version of iOS is 4.3.3 for iPhone (GSM), iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple TV second generation. ...

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