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Reset issues due to Restrictions and find my . Help please!


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Oct 20, 2013
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I seem to have quite a problem - which is caused by the lack of possibility to restore/rest restrictions password (could e.g. be done through SMS like other services do).

The problem:
1) Restrictions was enabled quite a while ago on the iPad.
2) The restrictions PIN is lost
3) "Find my iPad" is enabled
4) I go to iTunes to reset to factory, but it tells me I have to turn off Find my iPad first
5) I go to Privacy + location settings on the iPad, but the Find my iPad setting is grayed out (likely due to Restrictions being enabled?)

Seems to me right I have a catch 22 going on. I cannot reset my iPad becuase Find My iPad is enabled, and I cannot remove Find my iPad without restting the iPad to get rid of Restrictions.

Help please!

best snerting

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