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Reading Documents


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Jun 9, 2010
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Just got a 32G iPad and love it. For work I have to read many documents and would like thoughts on apps that will allow me to read/view Word, Excel, PPT & PDF documents. I do not expect to do much editing. Would love a flash drive connection but do not think it will work.
If you buy the rare and backordered "camera connection" it offers a USB port allowing you to connect a flash drive via USB...

You may consider the free Dropbox or the GoodReader apps. Dropbox installed on your desktop and ipad will sync files and you can read/edit them on all of your platforms.
Skydrive is good but wish we could create and edit online. You can view and download documents created elsewhere to iPad apps such as Goodreader, Docs To Go and Pages but it appears you cannot edit or create online. I would have loved that option!

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