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Problems with backed-up apps after iOS restore and jailbreak


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Dec 28, 2011
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Hi all,
I wanted to restore my iPad 1 to iOS 5.0.1 (cause the bloody iTunes for Windows stopped recognizing it) and so I backed up my apps. I copied them through SSH from /private/var/mobile/Applications , restored my iPad, jailbroke it and then restored them to the same directory. However, all backed-up apps have white icons and some of them, once loaded, crash after some seconds.
Can you help me with that? Should I move them to a different directory? Should I set particular file and folder permissions?
Thank you in advance!
All I can suggest is that you hook the freshly restored iPad back up to iTunes, check all the apps you want to put back on the iPad and then do a sync. iTunes should transfer all the apps over.

If there are some apps weren't in iTunes (because you didn't transfer them over), then go to the App Store and re-download them. You won't get charged again cause once you buy an app from Apple, it's yours for the duration.

Yeah, it'll be a bit more trouble, but that's the only solution I can think of. Since, honestly, the time to have asked for help was when you couldn't get your iTunes to recognize the iPad...

So, try the iTunes sync solution. It'll take some time, but then all will be as before. Good luck.

Thanks, you're probably right. I actually asked in several other forums about the original problem (someone even suggested to upgrade the BIOS of the PC in order to get iTunes recognize the iPad...), but at the end of the day the best solution seemed to be backing up all data and apps through SSH and then restoring the iPad. I have no problem in downloading the broken apps again from the App Store or Cydia, the thing is that I'm going to loose the personal data linked to them...
Well, you might get lucky. Some apps seem to retain their memory of when they were installed on your iPad - at least that's what I've noticed on mine.

I've put apps back onto my iPad after I've deleted them and when I go to open them, they have the same settings, and sometimes data, that they had when I deleted them. Maybe it's how they hook to the UDID, I dunno. But, here's hoping, yeah?

Sorry we're not better help. Good luck in sorting everything out.


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