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Can I back up notes without syncing to a mail program?


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Aug 12, 2010
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New York
I was able to get my settings and apps from my Ipad1 to my Ipad 2 by backing up my Ipad1 and transferring purchases to Itunes. I registered my Ipad2 with the same account and performed a restore. Everything was copied over except for all of my notes. I then re-connected my Ipad1 and found (under info) how to sync notes with outlook. I then connected my Ipad2 to my pc and restored the notes.

It is very user unfriendly to have to copy my notes to outlook to get them back. Am I missing something? Can I tweak the normal backup process to simply copy the notes to my Hard Drive? If I jailbroke both devices, could I simply rip and replace the files?

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