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Pink-highlighted text vs red dot underlined text


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Mar 9, 2018
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I’m unclear what the pink-highlight text is trying to tell me, but I can’t seem to dismiss it. It’ll happen if I don’t complete a word. I think the OS is trying to help me, but if the User doesn’t want that help at that time, how does s/he dismiss the pink highlighting and resume working on the pink-highlighted word? No amount of tapping will let me insert the cursor where I need. iPad OS must place a very high value on this pink highlighting.

Thank you for any clues!


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Jun 4, 2012
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St. Louis, USA
It also happens if you end a sentence with a correctly-spelled word iOS doesn't know. If you move the cursor elsewhere, it's a nightmare trying to reposition it after the period. Very annoying, especially since iOS doesn't let you add new words to its dictionary. I solved it by turning off spellcheck. I still get red dots and suggestions, but it seems to have nuked the pink highlight.

I hear cursor control in iPadOS 13 is even worse. Why can't we use the shift key to get delete-forward?
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