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Photo manager app that sorts and tags and uploads to pc?


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May 5, 2012
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Ok newbie alert so apologies if this has been answered before or posted in the wrong section.

So far not having the best time with my new iPad and feel as if it was mis-sold to me.
This was supposed to be a bit of a workhorse rather than a toy as I need to download from my SkyDrive storage, edit Excel docs on the fly and upload them again, I've sort of sorted this in a long-winded way but certainly not as smooth as I wanted.

Now the other issue and reason for the post, I was told that I could upload my photos manage them properly ie into folders and sub-folders etc but also add tags of people and places etc then upload them back to the PC, job done.
Or so I thought, so far I have faound a few apps that will help me sort and upload via WiFi but no way to tag and rename in a quick way?
The other really annoying thing is all these apps require you to copy from the Photos album so 8gb of initial phots become 16gb but guess that's just part of the Apple control system.

So is there any decent photo managing apps that will do what I want or have I been mis-sold the iPad?
I found a link in another post for a range of apps (which I can not add here as being a newbie my post count is too low) and I currently use the Photo Sort HD but do not want to waste more money so any apps from personal experience would really come in handy.

Any help really apreciated as I need this to work to help justify the cost of this device.

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