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Sorting Photos in folders? - - - Try This!


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Apr 16, 2010
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Want to put your pics in folders, and sort and rearrange them?

Try Private Pics for iPad ( temporarily FREE!)

The devs are marketing it as an app where you can keep pictures private, using a Pin, or a PW, to access them.

But it lets you move or copy any of your photos into the app's folders!
  • Unlimited folders
  • Easily copy/move photos into the app
  • Easily re-sort them.
  • slide show.
  • easy Drag-n-Drop to rearrange photos inside each folder.
  • They just dropped price to FREE (don't know how long)

Silly devs should be marketing it as a photo sort/store solution.
Or make another app that stresses that capability
, with or without a PW.

I have been an Android fan boy for a while and my last weekend my wife and daughters decided daddy needed an iPad being the gadget geek I am. So far I must say the only thing I hate about the iPad is that they charge for damn near every single app. Apps I got free on my Android phone I have to pay for (yes, the exact same app) for my iPad. But this is sweet find... I admit I wouldn't have even tried it if it weren't free. Thanks!
I also have the Moto Droid but what app is free on the Droid that is paid on the iPad? Just curious...I barely use my Droid anymore except for free WiFi tethering.
I wouldnt call this a photo organizer, it just copies existing photos into this app. you cant delete originaly synced apps or reorder the itunes synced photo's.
This may organize for the PC guys, but iPhoto works perfectly for the Mac guys. I did get it though, it works great for what they advertise it for, although I would like an app to lock down all types of files, not just pics
I wouldnt call this a photo organizer, it just copies existing photos into this app. you cant delete originaly synced apps or reorder the itunes synced photo's.

But no one was claiming those things.

Many people have complained about not really being able to store their pictures in different folders on the iPad.
or not being easily able to move those pics between folders, or being able to easily re-arrange the photos, like drag'n'drop rearrange.

All those things you can do, inside this app.

Till something better comes along,
this handles their complaints.
Organizing, Sorting Photos on the iPad

First, I can't imagine why Apple with their reputation for excellence designed such a poor native Photos app with cutesy organization by faces, etc. vs. a professional application that simply arranges photos in the order they are on the PC such as 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg, etc. or at least makes that an option.

I have tried all the sorting apps I can find. Some make a good try, but are cumbersome.

For my money, until Apple updates and improves their native iPad Photo app, the best bet is to use You Look Better Here. Photo Sharing & Video Hosting by SmugMug. and the SmugMug app on the iPad for displaying and viewing your photos if you want them to appear in the sequence that YOU want vs. the scrambled sequence that Apple gives you.
Smugmug does indeed allow sorting in any order you wish, and you can save a copy of the pictures (or album) for offline viewing - nice find! My only complaint is that the iPad app doesn't show the captions, at least I have not figured out how to get it to.

So that leaves adding the captions with a picture editor like Photoshop, or creating a slide show with Keynote...

Maybe eventually there will be a photo viewer that does everything right?
For photo organizing and sorting, you can't go wrong with Sort Shots. It brings the power of tagging to your photo collection; once you get everything set up you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for in just a couple of taps. I highly recommend this app to anyone trying to get their photos organized.

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