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opening word documents issue


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Mar 19, 2012
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Queens, NY
So on my iPhone i just tap on the attachment and the .doc opens up as a read only file. I just bought the new iPad and when I tap on the attachment it just gives the loading wheel and then nothing happens. I tap and hold but no pop up comes asking me to open the file. I also downloaded the documents to go app but it downs't give me an option to open it there either. I also noticed when I uploaded a doc from my computer by syncing it that the edit feature is off. The document gets jumbled and wont show any edits. The blinking word bar is also the height of two lines instead of the one. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. It's not the iPad keyboard itslef because i can type notes just fine and the only place I have problems is with .doc or .xls attachments or files

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