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Office apps


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Jun 4, 2011
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I'm looking for a decent office based app which is universal and directed towards Microsoft office.
The iWorks suite contains Pages, Numbers and Keynote, which allows you to save, read, edit, create, email etc Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. They are available separately from the App store.
Thanks for the info.

I've been emailed some word documents with an older version of word (97-04), do any of the office apps support these versions? I have pages and that doesn't.
I don't know why you're having problems with Pages. Is the document you've been emailed .doc format? I have plenty of Office 97 documents that I can read just fine with Pages.

I've just tried again and it just said that it's an unsupported version of word?
I guess then the only solution is to read it into a newer version of Word on a PC first of all, save it and then download it to the iPad. Not sure why I don't have that same problem, though.

Problem solved, cheers Tim

Opened in newer version of word, saved it as word doc 2007 or similar, then opened it with pages!

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