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Not getting registration email


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May 7, 2011
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I seem to be having problems registering my iPad under my Apple ID. When I first bought it, I plugged it to my MacBook, went through the registration process and at the end, it said the process failed. The guy at the apple store said it was probably because it was busy or something and the next time I plug in, it'll make me do it again. It didn't.

So I tried doing it on the Apple website, went through the process, and it said it's done and I'll get a confirmation email and I never did. Tried again yesterday and it was the same thing, never got the email. I checked on the Express Lane bit of the Apple site under my login and my iPad is not listed under my products, just my iPhone.

Has anyone else got same problem? And does it matter that my product isn't registered?

Thank you!

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