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No power from power button A1474


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Nov 2, 2022
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Good afternoon!
I recently took in a A1474 that was completely dead, with a request to replace the digitizer and battery. I am only somewhat knowledged in these repairs to be upfront. Since it was dead already I do not know any prior problems. I successfully changed out the batteryafter pulling the digitizer and the LCD. After replacing the battery, I only hooked the LCD backed up, not the new digitizer. As a standard I do that as a test. I pushed the power button and nothing. I then plugged it in and it came right up and it showed it was charging. So obviously my battery replacement was a success. I tried to power it back down with the power button, nope. So, I am not sure what the problem is from here. I know there is a flex cable that runs from the power to the volume control. It does not look damaged, and I am pretty sure I did not disturb it when I had to raise the board next to the battery to remove it. Could have been a prexisting problem or I may have done it, I just don't know. I did try to find a video for the exact model for this cable replacement just in case that was the problem , but did not find the correct one. Thanks in advance = 0

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