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No PDF files in my iPad1 CloudReaders My Bookshelf after Sync from iTunes


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Jan 6, 2012
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United States
iPhone3s background:
  1. upgraded to latest release of iOS 5
  2. installed the CloudReaders app from AppStore to my iPhone.
  3. selected my connected iPhone from the iTunes/Devices sidebar on my PC
  4. click Apps tab where I did a Sync for the installed Apps (first I synced the apps themselves)
  5. (next) under "File Sharing" I clicked the CloudReaders App
  6. clicked Add.. button and located 2 PDF files I wanted to copy to iPhone
  7. clicked Sync and wonderfully they are now on iPhone in the CloudReaders "My BookShelf"
iPad1 steps I took and the issue:
  1. (reset iPad1 to factory defaults - my wife got new iPad2 so I get hers where I want to read PDF files...)
  2. upgraded to iOS 5
  3. sync'ed all music and apps
  4. (next) under "File Sharing" I clicked the CloudReaders App
  5. the same 2 documents were already listed in the "right-hand" pane so no need to click Add.. button
  6. clicked Sync and progress bar at top of iTunes flashed by (something was syncing)
  7. BUT..sadly there is NOTHING in the CloudReaders "My BookShelf"
What I did to "fix" this:
  1. turned off iPad1 and back ON but still nothing there
  2. back on iTunes File Sharing list of apps the "right-hand" pane for CloudReaders showed only the distributed "Welcome to Cloud Reader.pdf" document
  3. so I clicked Add.. button and repeated the selection of the desired 2 files
  4. clicked Sync and wonderfully they are now on iPad1 in the CloudReaders "My BookShelf"
So being a PC guy and a total rookie with iPad1 and the CloudReader app, here is my conclusion followed by my question:
  • Conclusion 1: to have "a given document x" on both iPhone and iPad they have to be sync-ed separately as above
  • Conclusion 2: separate sync-ing like this may be a good thing because reading the PDF on the iPhone screen is very "challenging"
  • Question: Would this be something improved by using the iCloud facility?
    • My main goal is to easily get PDFs from my desktop PC (Windows 7) to my iPad1 for reading them on my sofa.
Thanks a lot in advance (my first post to an Apple-related forum).:eek:

Diane B

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May 8, 2010
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North Carolina
To be truthful I just use Dropbox to have access to most any file. I drag them into the Dropbox window on my Win 7 PC and use "open with" in Dropbox on my Ipad (app). That allows me to open them in a variety of apps from Goodreader to Ibooks and several other apps that read PDFs. Having the PDFs in Dropbox means I can access from my PC, Touch, Ipad and laptop. I don't know if this would help but I find Dropbox to be the most integrated cloud service in a large number of apps I use daily for PDFs and many other files.

Thought I would add that Dropbox is a free app on the Ipad (and Iphone and Touch) and you also download it to your PC. It gives you 2 GB free storage and you can add storage at a pretty reasonable rate. I have quite a lot of content (not music or video) and I'm only at 20% so it handles a lot of text content. Of course you can use Dropbox as a simple method to transfer files and then delete the files after transferring to the Ipad or vice versa. I do that all the time in addition to using it for backup storage of important files.
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Sep 11, 2011
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Michigan. USA
Yes, I use Dropbox as well. Couldn't be easier. Wonderfully syncs to all devices without difficulty. Your documents can also be shared with others that do not have the app, by utilizing a public link for access. Might be worth you looking into. I have not used the cloud. It does not fit my current needs at this time.

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