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Jul 9, 2010
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White Rock, Canada
Hi I am new to any Mac product. but I bought an IPAD and sort of like it.!! I can not figure out why it does not have JAVA or ADOBE installed. All me Christmas webpages with java inserted can not be seen any more. Guess I have to do webpages without JAVA. hihii. I think I am going to like the IPAD but it is not what I expected, but I will have to get used to the new format. Hope I can find help on this site. I download books from my Library and I usually install the books on mp MP3 player (29$ item), it takes about 2 minutes to upload 16-17 chapters to the MP3 player. I tried that to my IPAD and it took l.2 hour to do the same thing, it had to convert it, but I did download it from my library in IPOD format so it should have been able to just insert it into the IPAD. maybe somebody can tell me what I did wrong.
Hope I will start liking IPAD soon

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