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How to read Adobe e-books on iPad?


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Jun 20, 2010
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My public library uses Jasmine Digital Library for e-books and audio books checkout. It appears that most of the e-books are of the Adobe e-book format. The library site says the Adobe format can be read on an iPad yet if I download a book to my Windows desktop and then connect my iPad and try to drag the book from the desktop to 'My iPad' as shown in iTunes I get a message that the download to the iPad did not work because that format can not be read on the iPad.

Any clues on how to get an Adobe e-book onto an iPad?
I don't know about this Jasmine system, but most libraries use the OverDrive system that uses Adobe Digital Editions. There is an app called Bluefire that will allow you to read books that you check out from your library.

Bluefire Reader for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

There are a few hoops you have to jump through to get it to work, but there are very clear instructions included with the Bluefire app.... which is free, btw!
1991-C4, you may have given me the steps I needed. I had downloaded the Bluefire Reader but had not opened the app. Upon first opening the app, I had to activate Bluefire Reader. Doing the same on my desktop should allow me to download the Adobe e-books (I'll try this a little later today).

Thanks much
Fingers crossed for you!

There is an OverDrive app for the iPhone that will allow you to check stuff out from your library without using the Adobe Digital Editions software, but so far the reviews are not very promising. They are working on an iPad version as well, but I will stick with the Bluefire solution until they get the app working properly.
I use the Overdrive app to quickly link me with our digital library on the Ipad and browse with it and put the book I want in my bookbag after logging in. Just did it this morning with a hold request. Then I go to my main computer and DL to a folder on my desktop, then just drag the file into my Dropbox folder. I open Dropbox on my Ipad and click on "open with" and select Bluefire and it opens there. Takes me about 5 min. tops.

My husband has actually read some dled books on the Overdrive app and the dl and opening work very well, but the resolution isn't good enough for me for long periods of reading. Supposedly the Ipad app is due soon so I, like above, prefer to jump through those few hoops to read on Bluefire until the Ipad app is available.
Recommend you 2 good alternatives adobe digital editions for iPad.

You can use Bluefire Reader or txtr to read your adobe books on iPad.

You can search the internet inputing "read adobe ebooks on iPad", maybe you will get a good answer.
Overdrive reader does read Adobe epub books. It is handy for borrowing library books because right in the reader app you can go to the library, check out the book and download it. Never have to use Safari. Then you can read it. It keeps track of how many days you have left on it. It is easy to return a book if you are done before your time is up.

Our library also has Kindle format books but Amazon's Kindle app is really geared toward selling books and borrowing is a bit more complex as is returning early. But both ways have worked well for me.
Yes, the overdrive app has a built in reader. I use it for library books that only have the Adobe option, the rest I send to my Kindle app.
Update on my 2011 post. I've been using the Overdrive app to read NC Digital library books for several years now. Its had several upgrades and is quite good. I use it on both my Air and Iphone 5S

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