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New iPad user with questions


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Dec 29, 2010
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North Richland Hills, Texas
As asked, I'm posting here to say "Howdy" and hopefully get some answers to a few questions about my iPad and how best to work it into my home network, if possible.

So, here are some answers to some specific questions the forum has asked me to answer since I'm a noob.

1. Why are you interested in the iSlate?
It was a Christmas present from my Mom's boyfriend. Awesome guy I wish she'd go ahead and marry. I was very excited about using it since such things are not in my budget generally. There are a heck of a lot of things to do and explore. I had downloaded art apps first thing and I'm really charged-up to fiddle with them.
2. What are your hobbies?
Camping, fireworks, blowing stuff up, my dog, fishing, target shooting, collecting dice, odd coins, and keys. I'm the senior officer/medic on our paintball team. I am the senior officer for a private security team that works hand-in-hand with police officers during special events....probably close to 3-4 platoons-worth of team members. It's fun.
3. What other gadgets are you using?
Geez...urm...two laptops and a netbook, one very basic cell phone, a Brother all-in-one, a TomTom navigation device, and way too much tactical gear. I also have an old iPod Classic and several external hard drives.

My main reason for signing up was to hopefully get advice on the best way (if there is a best way) to set up and efficiently run my home network. Here's my goodies I'd like to network:
1 Gateway laptop running Windows XP. Sadly it does not have the cahones to run Windows 7. I'll probably be using this one to connect the wireless router and external modem from Charter Communications. I have an old desktop serving that function now. It is about 10 years old and just barely staying alive. I will be blowing that and the monitor to tiny pieces when I have recuperated enough to move back to my casa.
1 Gateway laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium...the one being used now. It is barely a year old.
1 Acer Netbook running Windows 7 Home Premium.
1 shiny new iPad less than 6 months old and still being poked at and jabbed at like a monkey with a sharp stick investigating a dead hipster.
1 Brother all-in-one that is a couple of years old.

There are some definite concerns I have about this network. On one side, the Microsoft OS differences. I don't think there should be any issues, but Murphy's Law is always in effect. The all in one "should" sync up with the XP and 7 computers...."should".

The main paranoid thought gnawing on my bleached skull is if the iPad is going to have issues talking to the Windows computers and the printer. I had looked at the suggestions of getting a HP all in one that utilizes AirPrint. Yup...good idea for the iPad, but will the HP be able to talk to both Windows machines and iPad machines....and can I squirrel my iPod Classic in this mess somewhere. It was originally syncing from the old XP laptop and also the newer Gateway laptop before the hard drive committed seppuku and had to be sent back to Gateway for warranty work.

I'm also very much into Open Source and I'm contemplating changing operating systems on all 3 of the laptops and netbook. After much research I have come to the conclusion that Mozilla and all the other Open Source folks give more of a sh** about the people using their products. The OS I'm contemplating is Ubuntu knowing full well that there are a few inconsistencies at this time: certain programs not operating well, needing work-arounds for some, if not all, of the common Windows sound files, and needing to seek out and utilize a few codecs. For an OS I have been hearing great things about, those inconsistencies may be worth the trouble in the long run. From what I've read, Ubuntu should go on the Windows computers smoothly. I'm also aware that it's a good idea to keep Windows somewhere on the computer for programs that are too rotten to play nice with Open Source programs. If I was positive I could effectively make the Ubuntu switch with all the computers, I'd be very pleased.

From what I think I've read (it's a hellacious blur right now.), none of the Apple toys want to coexist with any Windows or Windows based programs. I'd like to find out if that is true before I start fooling around with my computer's silicone brains.

...argh....I digress. My apologies. Happy new year!!!

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