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New Apple Commercial

Yep....works fine and looks good! Not sure if I would take mine for a ride on the scooter without a cover though....:)
It's like a comercial for a super hero! And i have taken mine on a scooter with no cover :). It's even a great riding companion. I do enjoy apples commercials. I wonder if the people are just ugly that why try don't show the faces lol jk. Have you all seen Ellen iPhone parody commercial?

I think the idea of never showing faces is that its supposed to be you.

This commercial is a little more in step with how I've been thinking an iPad commercial should be...all the ads so far have been sitting on a couch, which completely defeats the point of the device being so ridiculously portable. The narration is a little too forceful tho, its kinda funny because they are kinda shouting a mantra, and spewing revolution while showing bright warm happy images. The mood is a little disjointed. I watched it first with no audio and it was better.
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I found it funny that they're riding around on the scooter with the iPad unprotected, and yet I yell at my daughter for her taking hers ANYWHERE without a case! I'm so worried she is going to break it!

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