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New and how do I start a thread?


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Sep 7, 2014
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Okay so I cannot see where to start a thread. I have a question and I cannot understand where to post it so I will post it here and hope some helpful person or persons will answer me.

So I pretty much understand computers etc quite well but this has me confused.

I am sending my mum a picture from my iphone mail to her hotmail account as in hotmail.com not iphone mail. Now before she had her hotmail address the same as her exchange iphone mail so mail would go to the iphone mail(exchange) as well as normal hotmail as in www.hotmail.com and the pictures were going through.

She is having massive trouble with email so we turned off the iphone mail and just using hotmail.com through the internet. It is all good but when I send a picture from my iphone mail to her hotmail not phone mail the picture wont open in fact it doesnt even show it. I went onto her hotmail account on a computer as in laptop and it showed no problem but on her iphone and ipad hotmail it doesnt show.

Now this is very weird as hotmail is hotmail, it shouldnt matter what device as it is not the phone or ipad mail. Understand??

Sounds very confusing but any answers?

Thank you

J. A.

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Nov 11, 2012
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Apetlon, Austria
Hi, welcome to iPF!

First of all, here's a thread with instructions how to post here: http://www.ipadforums.net/threads/posting-a-new-a-thread-using-ipfs-new-software.123557/

Now to your problem:
Which way was the account set up on your device? If it's installed as Exchange account, delete it and use Outlook.com to set it up again:

In any case, try deleting the account and reinstalling it. This often solves problems with email accounts on the iPad.

If this doesn't help, look at the settings in her Hotmail account, using a browser. Maybe something there doesn't allow showing the photos in the iPad Mail app.

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