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My first real problem with an iPad...


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Mar 31, 2011
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Huntington, WVa
Hello Guys! I have a problem with my iPad now, and I figured this was the place to go for help.

I have had a 16gb+wifi ipad for several months now, and it has served me well. Now I have a 64gb+wifi+3g which I received with it already having been synced and used by my friend, who bought an iPad2. Anyway, I spent several hours today downloading all the apps that are on my old iPad onto iTunes. After finally completing all this, I plugged in the new iPad to sync it. I don't plan on saving any of the apps, music, etc. from this iPad, I just want to wipe it clean and install my stuff on it. I plugged it in, my computer finally installed the driver software, and iTunes recognized it. I clicked on it and went to the apps tab and check sync apps and checked the ones I wanted out of the list. I went to the music tab and clicked sync music, selected playlists albums and genres, and checked only the playlist of music I wanted......My problem is, even after doing that if I go to the summary tab and click sync, or go to the music or apps tabs and click apply it acts like it's syncing (it reads "preparing to sync, starting sync, preparing apps to sync, finishing sync) yet does nothing..

Note: I always tell it not to transfer purchases and to sync even thought it will delete everything on the iPad..

I hope if you're still reading you might have an answer...Thanks in advance to all who reply in an attempt to help.


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Sounds like you are doing everything right:

Since you have everything in iTunes, you could try this. Go ahead and restore the iPad from the Summary screen. Then go ahead and initialize and sync it again.

Note, when you start the restore, do not unplug the iPad or quit iTunes until it is finished.

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