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could not connect to iPad because pairing record was missing.


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Jul 30, 2012
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northern california
I can't get my iPad (2) to sync my music (selected playlists). This does not appear to be addressed by previous, similarly titled posts as I've already done what was suggested, even when it wasn't exactly the same problem.

Here's what happened:
Windows 7 64bit (all syncing through USB, not icloud). iOS v5.1.1
3 days ago (6/27/2012) I updated iTunes to (64-bit) with no problems. (Songs played through iTunes, etc.)

Connected iPad today.
Got the message "could not connect to iPad because pairing record was missing."
Checked forums and rebooted iPad, changed to another USB port and this corrected that problem.

Went to then sync my iPad and then the "Capacity bar changed and showed virtually no music". All other items, (movies, books, apps, etc.) were fine.
I checked the music tab and various playlists that I had previously selected were chosen (as well as songings withing the lists being 'checked' as well). No errors, just no music on the iPad.
I deselected all playlists and resynched. No error.
I rebooted the iPad, closed and restarted iTunes and reselected playlists. No change after syncing.
I deselected "Sync music" and deselected all playlists and resynched. No change, no error.
I selected "Sync music" and when I looked at the playlist, all of the previously selected playlists (From the first time this process started were reselected, not the ones I had just selected a few steps earlier.)
I clicked resync, and again: It again, goes throught the usual steps (backing up, transfering photos, etc.) When done: no error, but no music.

Any thoughts as to what to do next?

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