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Multiple facebook accounts for games...


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Apr 29, 2017
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North Carolina
Hi there everyone,

First, sorry if this is the wrong board to post this in, wasn't sure if I should post it here or the iPad General board. Seeing as how it has to do with a facebook account I assumed here.

Anyway, I was trying to sign into a few games on my iPad a little bit ago (thing is, I have a few games tied to my personal facebook account but I recently made a second facebook account for gaming.

However a few games I have tied to my personal facebook account I like to keep (got lots of progress on them and don't want to start over if I can avoid it), however new games I'm finding I like to use my new gaming facebook account.

Problem is, when I click the facebook link in the game it automatically tries to link it to my personal facebook (a few games I'm ok with this but there's a few I would use to use the other account for. Is there a way I can use two different facebook accounts for games and apps or am I forced to start over with a few of my games and start using my gaming facebook account for all games?

Best way I can explain it is for example some of the games I play that are tied to my personal facebook account are My Singing Monsters and Jurassic World the Game, especially the Jurassic World game (I hate to start all over on it I'm so far on progression). Any other games I play however I would like to use my gaming facebook instead of personal.

Thanks for any help.

~MCRVamprynxx33 (aka Jen)

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