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Movie Software


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Jun 16, 2010
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Dallas, TX
I have a Flip video camera and a PC. I want to create movies from videos made with the Flip. Unfortunately Microsoft MovieMaker won't take Flip MP4s. I'd also like to imbed text inside movies. Any software suggestions?
Just make your movie in whatever format and convert it afterwards.
M-R: Try Brand-X software ... VADO makes a similar camera and a decent little movie making package.. Creative Worldwide Support

You can do simple edits, titles, credits, etc. It's a little buggy on my Mac but opens every video file on my system and outputs to most popular portals.

Qhen I create videos in FlipShare, they won't drag into Windows MovieMaker. What should I do?
I'm able to convert movies from Flip to iPad compatible movies using FormatFactory. Interesting enough, they'll play on my iPad but not my iPhone or iPod.

Guess my biggest problem since I have a PC is I can't imbed text inside movies to identify speakers with tool like iMovie, etc. I think Microsoft MovieMaker can do it but it won't take MP4 (Flip videos). Other suggestions?
You might want to find a Flip Video forum. I would think you will find plenty of recommendations for creating and editing movies from your camera.
The video file of camcorders produces are always AVCHD(MTS,M2TS,TOD,MOD),so U can have a try some AVCHD Converter.

personally, what i use is a converter called Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter which can help me to convert my MTS files of Sony HDR xr150e to other popular common video formats,AVI and MP4 are those i often convert to, and also it has several video editing functions for users to edit the video file.

you can have a try
hope it can help you


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