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Movie App Database

I just use an Excel spreadsheet, one for each letter of the alphabet, but I'd be interested to know...I might change over to something if there is an easy method on the iPad. Of course having to re-type over 1000 movies and TV shows will be a long project.
That would definitely be a pain in the tush!

It would be neat to see the cover art on the beautiful Ipad screen.
If you keep a database on your PC or want to start a movie database on the PC, take a look at EMDB (emdb.tk).

This program is available for FREE or for a very small donation you can customize to to be, as in my case, JMDB or whatever.

I found out it had a feature that I didn't even know was available that is perfect, for me, on the IPad. It can export your file to a text file, a CSV file to export into excel file or HTML. I just recently tried the HTML export. Very graphic and very cool.

I just created a webspace on Cox and copied the HTML files there.


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Is there any way to import titles from an excel spreadsheet?
If you have an iPhone check out the app callled SnapTell.

you take a picture of any DVD/book...
it recognizes the book/dvd etc and stores it in your scanned items. It also checks the web and gets current prices at different stores and online sites.

I dont think it would be usefull for organizing a catalog though, Just check it out it was free when I downloaded it. Cant beat free.

If you want to manualy enter all the info, the best database app for the iphone and iPad is called HanDBase.
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I did see the Movies HD program. I don't really like the Bookshelf look though. I would like to have something that has coverflow like Itunes movies does. I don't think that app exists yet.
Movie HD Ipad

Movie HD Ipad does have a cover flow feature. BUT after entering over 900 movies into this app here are some of my complaints about it that you might want to consider before you invest much time:

1. The app is unstable at times. I've tried to reproduce what causes it to crash and can't figure out a pattern.
2. The look up movie feature accesses the internet and DOES a good job at finding the movie that you can add to your collection. BUT if you try to manually enter a movie the app crashes regularly. I barely got the title in and tried to select the rating (pg, r, etc) and bang- crash time.:mad:
3. Trying to email yourself a copy of the movie list results in bringing up the email window...then it crashes.:mad: I contacted the developer and he said that there was an update waiting for approval from apple. We'll see.:confused:

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