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Mail App - Add Mailboxes


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Apr 11, 2010
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Kokomo, IN
I am trying to understand how to add additional mailboxes or folders to list of mailboxes in the Mail App. Any suggestions? Have not been able to find this in any of the online documentation.
I'm not sure the question was about Accounts as I also have the same question. Within one account how do you get multiple mailboxes, i.e. Inbox, Sent, Trash. Can you add others or are they added through the sync process with the PC?

My first gen iPhone doesn't seem to pick up any from a sync but I've seen 'Outbox' appear if the mail doesn't go for some reason. When it does get sent the 'Outbox' disappears.
I just back out of the inbox page to see the other boxes ( trash, spam, folders ect). I think the default is your inbox, but I can't remember now.
Hi to add a folder where you can store mail (I think that is what you ment) you have to create the folder on your web server and then when iPad checks for mail it appears.

Hope this helps
Yes, when the Mail app checks for new messages it also looks at your email account to see if any new folders are there, if so it will pop up.

cant create new folders from the ipad
Adding folders to Mail on iPad

Only way I've found is to have a MobileMe account and add them from there using a browser. Doesn't seem any way to add them on the iPad itself.

Michael Rocharde
Accessing mailboxes on the remote e-mail account

If this is the issue, tap on the mailbox name in the upper left corner and you get the list of mailboxes to open from.
On my main account I have loads of folders - friends, business, accounts, etc etc. but when synching the mail app doesn't see any of them which is a bummer.
As to using MobileMe I haven't a clue how it works. :(

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