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Looking for a decent ipad 3 case?

Thanks zman the Belkin case is looking good. i will go for it.
I got this Seidio Active on eBay for $50 shipped.


I have the white one and love it. Best case I have so far. Have the zagg and leather incase but this Seidio active is my fav. 46 shipped via amazon.
I have just bought a Tucano Cornice iPad 3 case, great quality.
I love my otterbox defender for Protection and the 2 stand angles are both good for typing and it is solid. The other nice thing is that Walmart.com has it on sale, normally $89.66 is now $49.09. Great buy and otterbox customer care is great. while searching for ipad 3 cases i've forund anther useful page www.ipad3games.co/2012/05/best-cases-for-new-ipad-3.html
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inline6power said:
best case i have found yet for an ipad. love it because its the only zip up case i have been able to find. perfect for my working use of my i pad.

BOOKSTANDPRO2 - Macally Peripherals

Lots of cases are just variations on a theme, this one however looks to be something different, I like it.
Is the screen protected when you pack it away?
I have the Targus Slim Case, which I prefer to the Vuscape. The Vuscape just stuck to the corners too much so when I wanted to prop it up in landscape mode it was a real struggle to get it to work. The slim case just flips the cover back flat when you hold it and props up very easily for typing or watching videos/using it as photo frame. At $50 it is overpriced, just like most Apple accessories, but you can find it quite a bit cheaper on Amazon, et al. It's got magnetic on/off and really is very slim. Some people were concerned it doesn't have enough "coverage" but I feel it keeps the back scratch free, the front covered, and that's about all the frills I need.

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