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Logging in to iPad Air


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Jan 25, 2016
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Western Australia
Since the latest of the weekly installations of a new OS on my iPad Air I have had to enter a security code each time I boot up, or even after my iPad has had a little snooze. That's a PITB, and I am certain I never set it to do that. I may be wrong about that because I do suffer a little confusion with iPad settings, but I don't think I asked for the nuisance. It has an adverse security side effect in that anyone standing beside me can see me log in and get my security code. Seems silly to me!

How can I eliminate it?


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Dec 3, 2011
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If you go to Settings>General>Auto Lock, what time do you have set. If it's set to immediate, it will ask for your passcode whenever you wake up the iPad from sleep or turn it on. If you set the time limit to another time you can wake up the iPad without having to enter the passcode as long as it has been asleep for less than the time limit set. You can also turn off the passcode by going to Settings>Passcode>Turn Passcode Off. This is not recommended, though, as anyone would have free access to your iPad if it came into their possession.
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