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ipad air

  1. G

    ipad air charging problems

    hi, i bought a blue ipad air 256gb no sim at the 27th of novvember 2023 (pretty much brand new), and about 3 weeks ago my Ipad suddenly decided that it doesnt want to charge. i tried connecting it to a ugreen wall adapter, power bank, regular wall adapter, the original wall adapter and an apple...
  2. J

    Ipad Air 1 128GB + Celullar activation problem

    Hi, I have been trying to upgrade to IOS 12. The iPad Air is asking me to activate it and when I hit Activate it comes up with the message "It may take a few minutes to activate your iPad" . After a few minutes I get "Your iPad could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily...
  3. L

    Buyer's enquiries

    Morning everyone. I am new to this site but I hope you can help me. I have upgraded from an Ipad air 1 16gb. I have erased my stuff from it and I am currently selling this on Ebay. I have a potential buyer who has 2 questions. Will it have the find phone facility? Is the icloud locked? Hope...
  4. M

    New 9.7-inch iPad Revealed in Teardown to be Very Similar to First iPad Air

    With the new 9.7-inch iPad now available to personal pickup customers at select Apple Retail Stores in the US, Canada, Australia, and Japan, iFixit has already begun its teardown of the new tablet, reports AppleInsider. According to the results of the teardown, it seems as though this new iPad...
  5. T

    iTunes duplicates Outlook contacts when syncing with iPad Air

  6. D

    Is iPad Air 1 still a good buy for basic movie editing and Garageband

    Hi everyone, I'm on a tight budget. I will be traveling a lot to visit my fiancee and thought I might get a tablet for writing, playing virtual instruments and doing some video making...all for our wedding next year. I'm used to working with my hands so the idea of editing touching a screen...
  7. Expatriate

    Logging in to iPad Air

    Since the latest of the weekly installations of a new OS on my iPad Air I have had to enter a security code each time I boot up, or even after my iPad has had a little snooze. That's a PITB, and I am certain I never set it to do that. I may be wrong about that because I do suffer a little...
  8. J

    ipad air - underlines some text

    SOLVED* G'day everyone, not sure if what my ipad doing is something that it used to do before or has just started. iPad Air - iOS 8.4 (JB) as you can notice in attached photos, one is about setting up new alarm, and it shows underline below sav/cancel button. I think it wasn't like this before...
  9. S

    iPad Air Crashes every time I click the search bar in Safari

    i have installed the latest update, but it's still not letting me search for anything. I've also reduced the number of pages I have open. I tried to close the apps by double clicking the home button, but it didn't work. Any help gratefully received - it's pretty unusable if I can't search the web.
  10. M

    iPad Mini Sales Soar

    AppleInsider reports today on new figures from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) that reveal that the iPad mini has seen a big surge in sales in the US, up from 32 to 47 percent year over year in December 2015 figures. The figures also show that the iPad Air 2 was still the...
  11. S

    Problem with PhotoAlbum Pro

    Hi everyone! A long time ago I purchased the paid version of PhotoAlbum. It's some kind of gallery which allows you to set a pin code and a password for the folders you want to keep private. But now... I forgot the password. The developers are Three Designers llc, on their blog it says: "If you...
  12. S

    Transferring from IPad 2 to IPad Air

    Hi, I had to replace my IPad as it was ancient & not working as it should. All the programmes transferred via the cloud brilliantly. How do I delete stuff from the old one, & still leave it on the new one? When I downloaded new programmes to the new IPad, the IPad Air, they also downloaded to...
  13. M

    iPad Air demo build to standard build

    hi there, Some days before I have purchased one iPad Air demo unit, but I am unable to change the demo function even after updating the iOS version to 9.02. Please suggest. Regards, Mohit
  14. Tmicz6911

    Camera problem

    I had a iPad 1 and was able to use the cameras, front and back but then one day the camera completely disappeared from my iPad. Did search in setting and no camera. Downloaded a mirror app to maybe get access to the camera but no response on the app. Like that with all apps. Thought maybe I...