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Listening to a movie with the display turned off


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Mar 2, 2012
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Glendale, California
Okay, here is something that I discovered by accident. Maybe everyone else already knows about it, but here goes: There have been occasions where I just want to listen to a movie without watching it. But you can't seem to do it without leaving the display turned on and running down your battery unnecessarily. When you are listening to iTunes or other audio files, you can close the cover of the iPad to turn the display off while continuing to listen to the file. Here is a way I found to do it with videos: Start playing your iTunes movie. Press the 'Home' button to reduce it to its picture-in-picture mode. Touch the 'Off' button and playback stops. Touch the 'Off' button again and the iPad turns back on with a playback dialog listing your movie. Press the 'Play' button and the playback of your movie starts. Now touch the 'Off' button again or close the iPad and the playback continues with the display off. I am running an iPad Pro 10.5 with iOS 11.2.6

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