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Movies and subtitles from iTunes?

Major Eazy

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Nov 28, 2010
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United Kingdom
While it is for my iPad, but since it is mainly related to iTunes, I figure it should go in the "Anything goes" board.

What is the deal here with downloadable movies from iTunes and subtitles for the deaf?

One of the points of why I bought the iPad was becuase you could download movies and watch them on the go. I noticed that in the iPad's settings, under the 'Video' section, you could turn on or off the 'Closed Captioning' so I turned it on. Becuase nearly all of the DVDs you buy in shops tend to have subtitles for the deaf, I believed that there would be no reasons why blockbusters or popular movies on iTunes should have subtitles, but I noticed that any movies I look up on iTunes do not mention if it have subtitles or not. I found 'Blade Runner: The Final Cut' and thought to buy it. I already have 'The Director's Cut' on DVD and thought to see 'The Final Cut' so I downloaded it. Expecting that althought there was a lack of details on iTunes if this movie have subtitles or not, I figure since it is a popular movie, it should have subtitles.

When I playback the movie, there are no subtitles, ever when the 'Closed Captioning' setting is turned on.

Just out of curosity, do all movies or do many of the movies downloaded from iTunes comes without subtitles? If some do have subtitles, do the reviews of those lack details of if it have or don't have subtitles?

Just how much of the movies on iTunes are likely to have subtitles comparing to DVDs from shops?

Many thanks for your time.

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