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  1. Marlb10

    iPad & hulu

    Alright one little problem.. My friend went to Hungry a week back and he was with me in US before. He never changed his apple ID region and is still using USA region on all his apple devices. He used to stream movies on hulu on ipad, iphone and his gaming console. But since hulu is only working...
  2. S

    How to transfer home videos (made on non-apple device) from IPad Air 2 to PC...

    So I happened to move about 30 GB of my personal trip videos from PC to iPad and they ended up in TV app (not in Photos). Now after a while I need them back to PC since I accidentally deleted those videos from my computer (Win 10) and have them only on iPad now. Is there way to transfer them...
  3. G

    Listening to a movie with the display turned off

    Okay, here is something that I discovered by accident. Maybe everyone else already knows about it, but here goes: There have been occasions where I just want to listen to a movie without watching it. But you can't seem to do it without leaving the display turned on and running down your battery...
  4. Expatriate

    Why no noise?

    I have a little movie filmed with my iPad Air. It's in MOV format. Downloaded to my PC it works just fine, but if I try to play it on my iPad I am back to the silent movie days (which I only just avoided :( ). What settings have I mucked up?
  5. M

    Apple Launches iTunes Holiday Movie Sale

    9to5 Mac reports that iTunes is having a massive holiday sale of Movies, many of which are now priced at just $4.99 for purchases and $0.99 for rentals. You can also get a variety of Editors’ Choice, Recent Releases, and Dreamworks films for $9.99. There are even limited-time bundles available...