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Keynote remote


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Oct 15, 2011
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Head wrecked.... I've down loaded keynote on iPad automatically synced to iPhone and also the keynote remote....

The iPad will not recognise the iPhone as a remote....even though I linked the iPhone manually????? Do I need my personal hotspot turned on? I have both connected to the same wifi..any hints....
I dont know but I purchased it for my iPhone and I never got to use it since the presentation module was incompatible with keynote. I'm commenting so someone may see itin new comments so I can hopefully see the answer
You need to either be on the same network, or use bluetooth (must be turned on on both devices). It is not necessary to pair the bluetooth manually. That said, I seem to remember that there was a problem with the bluetooth mode. That may not have been fixed yet.

I'm not sure if it works using the iPhone as a Hotspot as a replacement for the wi-fi network.

In my experience the wi-fi mode can take more than one try to get a good link. Event then, larger presentations can take a while to load to the iPhone. It downloads a bunch of thumbnails first, and until it is done you can't use the remote.

Afraid that's all I've got.

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