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Keynote remote


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May 31, 2012
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For 3 years I've used my ipad 3 with the keynote (remote) app to give presentation after presentation. Last night in preparation for a presentation at the beginning of next week I connected it all up. I simply connect iPad to plasma (HDMI) open Remote app on iPhone and away I go - the perfect solution.

This time it says something like "since upgrade to Keynote 2.1 remote no longer controls presentation delete app and follow keynote instructions how to use integrated remote for iWorks". Like an idiot that's what I did - I deleted Remote App from iPad and IPhone (I can always download them again if it goes belly up)! WRONG - it does not exist anymore albeit I actually think I paid for it?

Anyway, no matter how many times I follow the Apple "How to do it" IT DOES NOT WORK. I can't pair I/Phone/Pad via Blue tooth or WIFI in fact I can no longer remote anything in a presentation. Apple progress at its best!

Please does anybody have a solution - in simple terms?

I have a similar setting and I ran into the same problem.
Luckily, I did not delete Keynote Remote - and I sync time and again with my PC, so I have the ipa files.

Before the update, the connection between Keynote and Keynote Remote was QUICKLY established, be it over wifi or bluetooth.
Now I do have the impression that it takes a bit (or several bits) longer for the connection to come up.
So what do I do?

1. device - open Keynote, open presentation, make sure that remotes are allowed/enabled
go to 2. device and open Keynote and tap on the remote icon and continue with the set up.
But now it takes time till the connection is established but finally it works.

So my advice, do it again, but remember - it takes a bit more time than before.

Hope this helps.

I've tried everything and nothing - why is it that Apple have to mess up something that actually worked well. I have done everything Apple say do and it has wasted a day and got me nowhere - very disappointed.
While the Keynote Remote app won't show up in a normal App Store search anymore, it should still show up if you check your Purchased apps. On the iPhone, go to the Update tab, then choose Purchased at the top, then Not on this iPhone (to narrow the search). If you can find the app, you can download it again.

If I understand the new setup, you have to have the Keynote app installed on both the iPhone and iPad, and paring is done within the apps with both apps active, not in the Bluetooth settings; but since I don't need/use Keynote this way (not on my iPhone at all) I have not attempted to make it work.

Good luck.
If I understand the new setup, you have to have the Keynote app installed on both the iPhone and iPad, and paring is done within the apps with both apps active, not in the Bluetooth settings;

yes, that is correct.
But it should work over wifi as well. And then there is of course no need to pair.

Thank Twerpoet I did that and it was there and works again' ish every other slide a pop up tells me this app is now discontinued so albeit working again it's totally unacceptable for apple to do this.

I have keynote on both devices and followed everything said by everybody and exactly what apple say do - result is - IT DOES NOT WORK. Other searches on the net show others have exactly the same problem.

Thx for your efforts though, as always
Sorry it's not working better.

You can send Apple some feedback if you like. I don't know if it will help, but it won't hurt.

Apple - iPad - Feedback

If you've purchased one of your devices within 90 days you have free Apple Tech Support, or you have AppleCare on one of them it's two years. Use it. Besides the possibility that they may be able to fix it, it's also a kind of feedback.

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