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Keynote APP Issue


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Mar 10, 2011
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I am a recent purchaser of an IPAD 2 and of course I still have not mastered everything but today I am having an issue with my Keynotes App. I have downloaded a PPT presentation through iTunes into keynotes. I see that it is on my computer but when I open keynotes on my iPad it is not there. I have loaded other PPT files with no issues but just this one is giving me trouble. Is there a process to remove the file from keynotes through iTunes on my computer? If it was seen on the iPad it can easily be sent to the trash bucket and I could start all over again.

Please help this newby !!!!
If you can see it in iTunes under the File Sharing area, you can remove it from there. If you can't then it's not on the iPad, probably. The iPad needs to be connected to the computer, but it is not necessary to do a sync. Files added and removed via File Share are updated immediately.

Since you say you've imported ppt files through iTunes before, I'm going to guess that you know they will not show up in your documents on the iPad until you import from the document view screen. That's my round-a-bout almost polite way of making sure you knew this. ;)

Personally I prefer importing and exporting stuff from the iWork apps using DropBox. You can get a DropDAV account that will let you access DropBox as a WebDAV server in all the iWorks apps.

With DropBox also installed on your computer it is just a matter of dragging files to the DropBox folders on the computer, waiting a bit for online syncing, then opening your iWorks app and importing the file. Of course you need an internet connection to do this, but when you do it's the most convenient way (so far) that I've found for dealing with iWorks file management.

And for computers that you can't install DropBox on, you can upload and download files via a web browser.
To delete a file you copied to an iOS device app using File Sharing:

1) Attach your iOS device to your computer.
2) Select your iOS device in the Devices section of iTunes.
3) Click the Apps tab, then scroll down to the File Sharing section.
4) Select the application from which you would like to delete a specific file.
5) Select the file from the Documents list and press the Delete key on your keyboard.
6) When prompted to confirm your request, click Delete.

The file will be deleted from the app on your iOS device immediately.

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