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Keyboard Suggestions


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Aug 17, 2017
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Three diff keyboards and I'm not happy. Does anyone have a suggestion for a keyboard and case combo w a keyboard that is identical to a full-size keyboard? I loved the Clamcase that I had until it broke into numerous pieces. The next keyboard had a very "funky" layout that I just could not get used to - for instance, the shift key had become an on/off switch for the screen. WTH! Now I'm unto a third keyboard and although the keys are normal, the punctuation marks are not - I need to hit the "fn" key, not the shift key to use them. Um, no thanks. I'm too old to learn new tricks. I, also, liked the ability w the ClamCase to use the keyboard as a stand. This one swivels and opens/closes quite strangely. Unfortunately I cannot tell you the brand but it's one of the most popular sold on EBay.

Any insight or advice would be MUCH appreciated! I am a writer and this search is driving me nuts.

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