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  1. Catbjorhan

    Zagg Slim Book Go

    Hey guys, I just bought myself a Zagg Slim Book Go for my iPad 7th gen 10,2”, but I have a problem. All the QWERTYUIOPÅ buttons works, and all the ZXCVBNM works. But none of the ASDFGHJKLØÆ works. It connects just fine, both to my iPad and my iPhone 11. But these buttons don’t work either...
  2. Expatriate

    Mystery Keyboard

    One thing that has puzzled me for years about my trusty iPad Air is the keyboard that regularly shows up on my desktop. I have never been able to identify an action which calls up this keyboard and I have never been able to figure out what use it might be. Just a tap on the screen and it goes...
  3. ladymindful


    I use my keyboard frequently and these days it seems worn out. Is that possible for a keyboard that is flat on the screen. It seems to miss letters a lot, and my I and 8 seem to be interchangeable. Just wondering.
  4. A

    ZAGGfolio keyboard for iPad 2-4 case won’t connect to iPad 4

    Ive tried charging, a hard reset, on my iPhone 7, disconnecting and reconnecting several times. I am at a loss at what to try. It was a re-gift, so I don’t think there’s much hope for support from ZAGG. I am just wondering if there is anything else I can try before I give up. What happens is, I...
  5. M

    Select Predicted word w/out touching?

    I have a 12.9 Ipad pro 3rd generation running 12.3.1. I have the Apple hardware keyboard attached most of the time. I'm new to Apple products. When I type on the hardware keyboard (which seems to have a wonderful feel) in any document app, such as Pages, I see predicted words in a grey bar...
  6. K

    iPad screen keyboard repeating / double typing letters: fix

    This is an old thread but a new problem for me (ipad air, IOS 12.0). My screen keyboard started repeating letters rather randomly with one press, as in raandoomlly... I tried the recommended fixes: reboot ipad, turn off keyboard settings, delete/change keyboards etc. Nothing worked. I saw one...
  7. ladymindful

    Wonky Keyboard

    NEVER MIND. I FIXED IT. SPLIT KEYBOARD WAS ON FOR SOME REASON. For some reason the keyboard now comes up in the middle of the screen. I don't know how this happened. Can anyone help?
  8. M

    Where did dictation go!

    I have an iPad 3. I used to have a microphone on my keyboard but it's disappeared! Directions say go to settings/general/keyboard and turn on "dictation" There is no "dictation" option!? Help! I'm an author and need my dictation back! Thanks
  9. emiellr

    Onscreen keyboard doesn't stop appearing when typing after connecting bluetooth keyboard

    Hi all, I have recently bought a bluetooth keyboard, but when I press some textbox to type something, the onscreen keyboard still pops up. Is there a way to manually stop this from happening? needless to say this is a keyboard for iPad 4 on iOS 10.3.2. Any help will be sincerely appreciated...
  10. M

    Keyboard Suggestions

    Three diff keyboards and I'm not happy. Does anyone have a suggestion for a keyboard and case combo w a keyboard that is identical to a full-size keyboard? I loved the Clamcase that I had until it broke into numerous pieces. The next keyboard had a very "funky" layout that I just could not...
  11. B

    Split Keyboard Floats - How do I move it?

    Hi, Sorry - probably discussed before but my search did not find anything helpful. I found out how to split the keyboard but then it floats to the middle of the screen. I've learned that this is called udocking. But I'd like it to remain at the bottom of the screen. I've found posts which...