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Just another "hello"


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May 3, 2010
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I got an iPad the first day the wifi model came out. I've really enjoyed it - it's the first Apple product I've bought since 1979 when I bought an Apple ][+. I'm happy with the iPad in most respects, but I'm not happy at all about the way the Apple has limited access to the device. I'd like to be able to write software for it just like any other computer without having to go thru Apple's store or being forced to use Apple development tools.

Other than that, it's a great device and I pretty much take it with me everywhere I go.
Welcome, glad to have you with us....
The ipad is not a computer. Apple as never marketed it as such. There are tons of laptops, netbooks and windows tablets out there. There was no good reason for Apple to make yet another one. The ipad works as well as it does BECAUSE of the quality control inherent in something like the app store. If you were wanting a portable PC or Mac, the iPad is not one.

I am one of those (as are most people) where the iPad can actually replace a laptop. But not everyone uses a laptop the same, so some still need a laptop for business, coding software...etc.....What you see as a "closed system", is actually one of the iPads selling points for many people, and one of the reasons for it's resounding success.... And one of the reasons MS Courier and HP Slate are dead projects.

Again, welcome, and hope to see more post from you around here....
Welcome to the community! I hope to see you around. :)
Welcome to the site, glad to have you aboard.
Welcome write stuff, I personally favor apple for the way they lock down their product set. I know exactly what to expect. My pc experience has been poor at best. Glad to have you, enjoy the forum.
Thanks for the welcomes. Much appreciated. Yes, I do understand that the iPad is more of a tool for consuming media rather than creating it, but I still wish there were easier ways to get both data and applications onto it. I'm just not happy with Apple having to vet (and take a cut of) everything that goes on it.

However, like I said, I really like my iPad and think this type of device really will change the way people go about their daily lives.
However, like I said, I really like my iPad and think this type of device really will change the way people go about their daily lives.

Welcome and I too think the same and in fact in many ways it has for the "consumers of content" perhaps even for those that are computer savvy. They find ways to make the iPads computing power and capabilities an advantage to them while using out of the box ways to use it for other things other than consuming.

I am one of those and already maintain a full suite of just the right apps to conduct my daily business on the road.
Yes remote desktop is a large function of that and now with 3G its even more amazing and nice to now do what I already have on the iPhone, only now on my iPad instead.
I can honestly say the MacBook which was primarily a road device before has not had to come out of the bag since.

I think some of my ability to transform the way I use the iPad, stems from using many pocket PC devices in the past and constantly trying to create mobile solutions for daily working routines.
It's a given the device can consume media and play games, its the workflow and using it for everyday work solutions that makes my socks go up and down.

Soon we will see more integration between the iPhone and iPad, when it comes to migrating data and importing files, while working within apps between the two devices.
No? I think, it is a pretty good computer, although the desktop/notebook is more powerful and more capable.

But besides of that - welcome to the forum.

I agree, however I understand the point Bremen was trying to make.

btw, welcome to the forum write-stuff, enjoy your stay here!!!
Hello from Lyndhurst, NJ

Hi all.
Purchased a 64GB 3G version the first day it was available.
Really enjoyed my first Apple store experience.
Had some wifi connection problems with a Verizxon Fios Actiontec router which were solved with some online help (more on that in the appropriate section).
Purchased the iPad instead of a laptop as it does everything I need.
Also sold my Kindle.
Enjoying it more and more as I grow familiar with it and add more apps.

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